What we want to do for you

What we want to do for you

Our ideas all begin with you. We develop products with the functionality that you really need in mind, not what makes up the largest range.

We believe more in the concept of ”the right product for each demand” than ”as many products as possible”.

Most people want something that is easy to get, easy to understand and easy to use. With a design that is attractive and a high level of safety and environmental built into it.

So that is what we do. Easy as that.

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You are the judge of our quality

You are the judge of our quality

Our ambition has always been to bring products to the market that you can rely on. It shall always be easy to use, safe and have the durability to withstand the wear and tear of time. And more importantly – to do the job you want it to do.

Every single product that leaves our premises is designed and constructed to suit your needs. Your demands. Your expectations. We design, choose materials and construct accordingly. We take great pride in delivering products that always live up to this. And then some.

And please – let us know if you have an idea on how to improve further.

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For you and the environment

We’ve made a promise to both you and the environment. That is to minimize our impact on the environment with the help of an active and carefully thought-out policy, which covers all parts of our operations in our company.

From re-usable materials in construction and the way we transport to developing products that minimize the impact on the environment.

Really – it’s about the big as well as the small steps. Isn’t it?

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Where we want to be

Where we want to be and how

We have a pretty clear vision of where we want to be in the future and, hopefully, you find that an interesting road to travel with us.

Our vision is that no one that has experienced a Mont Blanc product will ever look for anything else.

Bold? Yes, but it’s our vision, and we have a plan for getting there.

We think that by listening to the needs of everyday people, we can supply load-carrying products built for their specific demands. And then by offering them so they are easy-to-find, easy-to-buy and easy-to-use we will satisfy your needs.

We are thinking a bit more differently here, but why not? Someone has to.

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Where we come from

Where we come from

We’ve been around for 65 years, and we’ve certainly enjoyed the journey. Today we’re one of the leading players in the load carrying industry in terms of turnover and product range.

We supply most of Europe and produce products in Sweden, France and Romania. So we’re pretty well set up to provide what you need, wherever you are.

But, our ambitions go further than that – we want you, our customer, to see us as the company you turn to for all your needs in terms of carrying bags skis or anything you need to move in or on top of a car.

That is the road we want to travel.

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Quick Facts

Some quick facts

  • The foundation was laid in 1947
  • Mont Blanc Group consists of Mont Blanc Industri AB, R.A.C.K. UK Ltd, Mont Blanc France SAS and Automaxi Romania.
  • The owner is Accent Equity 2008.
  • We have a turnover 2012 of: 292 000 000 SEK (Euro 33 542 784).
  • In total we employ 248 people
  • Our production facilities are located in Sweden, France and Romania.